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Diardaoin, 28/Jan/2010

Memories of Islay, a Trumpet Recital

Islay on Video written in stencil

After the excitement with noisy cars yesterday I think it's time for something more quiet (or should I better say calm?) today. When I first came across ‘Memories of Islay’ I wasn't entirely sure if it fits into this blog, for all I knew it could have been a person called Islay. But then I discovered a bit more and now I'm more than happy to share some nice music with you, some nice memories of Islay:


So how do I know these memories are memories of the Isle of Islay and not a beautiful girl named Islay? Well, to start with I visited The Trumpet Shall Sound, the website of Grant Golding (Trumpet) and Matt Edwards (Organ), the two artists you can see in the video. From here I followed the link to their The Trumpet Shall Sound Facebook group. No mention of the Isle of Islay just yet, although I now knew they were living in Scotland. Then I spotted a familiar sight in Matt's Profile picture: Laphroaig distillery. From his profile there was a link to an Islay 2009 picture gallery. Almost there.

His profile also linked to the Matt Edwards website (no surprise there) and under ‘Music and Videos’ I found the following quote:

The piece below "Memories of Islay" was composed in June 2009 following an outstanding holiday there with friends. An exceptionally beautiful part of the UK, this wonderful Island is located off the West Coast of mainland Scotland, and reached either by air or ferry. Our ferry journey over was a awe inspiring experience, seeing the island for the first time. We were blessed with good weather and got to explore most of the island, and its many distilleries. There are few places I have been that I could ever discribe as magical, this is certainly one of them. I hope that you enjoy my Memories of Islay.

Yes, Matt, I did enjoy it, otherwise I wouldn't be blogging it here. Thank you very much for sharing it and letting us enjoy your music!

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