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Dimàirt, 09/Feb/2010

Islay High's FilmG Success

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OK, OK, it's not strictly speaking news any more, but I still wanted to get back to it again and couldn't think of a better category for it. I'm of course talking of Islay High School's entry to the FilmG (Gaelic) / FilmG (English) competition. In the unlikely event that you missed it, their entry An Tùr (The Tower) has not won just one but two awards:

Screenshot of the FilmG winner of Best Production

First of all they won the Best Production Award for Young People out of the four films shortlisted. The category is described as:

The film will demonstrate evidence of effective planning and innovative use of resources. Attention will be given to such specific areas as: camera work; sound; lighting; location; make-up; costume and sets, dressing and props.

Looks like their teacher Andy Wallis has given them some good training then, but of course the credit goes to the students themselves. At least one of them, Alice Hathaway, is also applying what she has learned elsewhere.

Screenshot of the listing for the People's Choice Award

But that wasn't all. For some reason it's almost hidden away under ‘Other Awards’, at the same time though it's listed on the Adult Winners page: Àrd-Sgoil Ìle has won the ‘People's Choice Award’! This is the award based on the internet voting, meaning they won it not only against the other entries from young people but also against all the entries from the adults. This being the internet I would think they will have received votes from all over the world including hopefully some from Germany.

Congratulations! Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

Their success has created some echo on the internet, here are some of the other mentions I've found of it:

Their teacher himself writes about the FilmG Success! and the great time they had. For Argyll writes Islay High School wins not one but two FilmG awards, which Ron also picks up in And the winner is... Islay High School. The press release from MG ALBA is titled MG ALBA praises emerging creative talent at annual Gaelic screen award ceremony. The Hebrides News brings it under Creative talent at Gaelic film awards while 4rfv (?) has it under Alba Applauds Creative Talent.

Some of the links above have pictures in them, I found a few more from the event on the FilmG Facebook pages. In the Duaisean FilmG 2010 album are a number of nice pictures:

That's pretty much all I've found online so far, if you have any other links feel free to add them in the comments below.

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