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Disathairne, 27/Feb/2010

Another (Islay) Photoblog

Screenshot of the top of Ian's photoblog

Almost a month ago, on the second of February I wrote about Richard Childs' Islay Pictures and Course. This entry isn't about Richard though, no, it's about Ian Besch. If you look at the comments to that entry you will find Ian mentioning he was planning to start a photoblog. He has visited Islay many times and during his visits taken quite a few pictures. One of the best ways to share them I think is a blog, publishing a picture at a time and writing a few comments about it. His blog has just gone live:

While still in its infancy you can already find a few pictures at Ian Besch. The pictures so far are all from Islay, I really like the Port Charlotte, Islay one. Ian plans to mainly post pictures from Scotland (in particular Islay), but also some from Canada. where he lives. You can also see a few in his Picasa Gallery, including several from Islay.

Welcome to the ‘Blogosphere’, Ian!

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