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Dimàirt, 09/Mar/2010

Three Mixed Islay Links

Every once in a while I come across something weird and wonderful on this internet thing which has some kind of Islay connection. Something that doesn't necessesarily fit into the usual categories. This evening I've decided to point you towards three of these finds from the last week or so. An Islay related painting, a plane named after Islay and some Islay papercraft:

Let me start with the painting. It doesn't exactly come cheap at $498 (that's approx £330 or €370) but if you're interested in a acrylic on canvas painting of a highland bull titled ‘islay’ then you might have found it. Not my style really, so I won't bid for it.

Ships have names, trains often have names and many planes have names. On Flickr I recently came across British Caledonian Airways Isle of Islay BAC-1-11 Series 501EX G-AXJM. As it is on an account called Airlinerart I initially wasn't sure if this was a real name or just made up, a quick search soon told me it wasn't made up: The plane seems to have been in service in the 1970s, several pictures of G-AXJM here and if you look closely on this picture you can even make out the name ‘Isle of Islay’ painted on the fuselage.

Have you ever wished to have your own distillery in your living room? Well, you can now. Unfortunately I doubt you will be able to make any whisky in it. For the simple reason that it is a papercraft model of Ardbeg distillery on Islay. I think they don't ship internationally, so you have to live in Germany or at least have an address in Germany they can send it to. Not to mention that you will need a lot of patience to build it. Found via a tweet by the Whiskyfanblog.

That's all.

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