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Diardaoin, 11/Mar/2010

Islay Google Streetview Discoveries

Islay News in stencil

Two weeks ago, after Ron had pointed out that there are now Detailed Islay Satellite Images on Microsoft's Bing I wondered how long Google Maps would need to catch up. Well, they kind of have, yet they haven't. The satellite images of Islay on Google Maps are still rather useless. On the other hand Google Maps with Street View now has imagery from many roads on Islay:

Screenshot of the low resolution satellite pictures of Islay

Earlier this morning with thanks to ‘Kenny’ (?) The Ileach pointed out that Islay street view is now available on Google Maps. During my lunch break I had a first play and picked up a few views like the road to Machir Bay, Bruichladdich distillery, The Ileach offices in Bowmore, the Islay Hotel and the Spar in Port Ellen and the entrance to Laphroaig. Unfortunately you can't drive any further towards the actual Laphroaig distillery as far as I found.

But there are also a few quirky things to be found, like this young mother waving to the Streetview car (of course the faces are blurred by Google, as are number plates):

Screenshot of Google Streetview in Port Charlotte, Isle of Islay

Here are a few other ones I liked from my ‘journeys around Islay’ (link should take you to the Google Streetview):

Screenshot of a Google Streetview picture of an Other Places sign

What have you found? Any other quirky finds or great views?

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