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Diluain, 19/Apr/2010

Back from Islay Walking Week 2010

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Missed me? Well, I'm back from Islay after a fantastic WalkIslay 2010 Islay walking week. Those who followed the links from the previous entry will already have seen several pictures and will have read some updates on my Isle of Islay account on Posterous. Here are a few more pictures and notes from the week on Islay, Colonsay, Oronsay and Jura, starting with the follow up to the picture from the previous entry:

Picture of group of walkers being welcomed by the walk leader

In some lovely spring sunshine DJ took us across the beach to Bridgend, the Campbell Monument, past Tallant Farm and back to Bowmore. A very nice start to the week combined with the opportunity to meet new people as well as to catch up with old friends. For many the highlight of the week will have been the visit to Lossit Bay. Approaching across the hills in the south I understand we were quite a sight to the people already on the beach:

Picture of a long line of walkers descending a hillside towards a sandy beach

After all those years of the Islay walking week and several excursions to Colonsay finally the tide was right for the crossing to Colonsay. And it showed, 90 (!) people joined this walk. Oronsay being a RSPB reserve the walk was guided by James How (who now works on Islay but used to live on Oronsay for a while) with the help of Michal and Ian. Christelle (hope I've got the spelling right…) from the RSPB on Oronsay welcomed us and showed us around.

Picture of a large group of walkers crossing a beach between two islands at low tide

Having spotted some last snow on the hills on Islay during DJ's walk my hope of actually touching and standing in it was fulfilled on Thursday:

Picture of a man standing in the last snow on a hillside

Of course those four pictures (and the ones tagged walkislay2010 on the Posterous account) don't show the full picture, there was much more during the week. I'll post further pictures on the Islay Pictures photoblog over the coming weeks (using the walkislay_2010 tag here) and at some point will also write the travelogue. Watch this space for updates. Until then I'd like to repeat what I wrote in Thank you for a great Islay walking week 2010 as I was leaving Islay:

Many thanks to those who made it such a great week. Ian Brooke who masterminded it all. The many walk leaders on Islay, Jura and Oronsay. The landowners supporting the week. The weather gods who were very kind and sent fantastic weather. Calmac for being flexible with the ferry and allowing the Colonsay trip to go ahead. All the other helpers in the background.

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