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Disathairne, 01/May/2010

Quick Islay Whisky Links

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Just got off the phone from a long call with my sister, among others discussing our upcoming Islay holiday in June. Meaning it's a bit later than planned and I don't have much time left for blogging today (Get on with it then! Ed.). Still, I can at least post a few Islay whisky related links for you:

To start with I've recently come across Islay Whiskies :: ::. It seems to have been set up fairly recently, but generally the content should give a good starting point for anyone new to Islay whisky. There's also an Islay Whiskies Forum, although that looks a bit bare at the moment.

Not strictly speaking a whisky link, but I suspected whisky will play an important role here (and I've noticed several Islay distilleries among their sponsors): I've mentioned Bagging Scotland previously, finally their Bagging Scotland website has gone live. Under the groups section you'll find an Islay Baggers group, described as ‘Baggers who have an unnatural fascination with the mystical island of Islay, the malt whisky Capital of the world.’ There's also an entry for the Feis Ile – A Festival of Malt and Music

For the Germans who like Bruichladdich there's a German site Bruichladdich Islay Whisky at Probably not too much new for the experts, but a good entry point for some German speakers.

More focused on whisky in general is Guid Scotch Drink, the new site of Jason Johnstone-Yellin, previously of Whiskyhost. Quite a few Islay entries here in the featured content, like Ardbeggars Banquet, Monsters of Peat, Laphroaig Triple Wood and Lagavulin Six Ways as well as Battle of the Kilcho-men!.

(That's enough Islay whisky links for today! Ed.)

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