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Diciadain, 26/May/2010

Landing at Colonsay Aerodrome

Just in case you haven't noticed it yet, I love videos of Islay, Jura and Colonsay from the air. May be because I haven't had the opportunity yet to experience it myself? Anyway, fitting to the news that Hebridean Air Services is soon to offer Oban and Colonsay to Islay flights I've just come across a fantastic video of a landing on Colonsay:


They had some plain fantastic weather during their flight and landing, assuming I've got my bearings and geography right these are some of things I think I spotted:

That's what I spotted, if I missed anything and/or got anything wrong please add/correct it in the comments!

PS: comparably boring, but here's a video of a plane landing at the airstrip: Cessna 182 (G-WIFE) Colonsay Spring 2009. That's a view of a plane, not from the plane.

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