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Diluain, 28/Jun/2010

Islay Beach Rugby Pictures and Video

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It's still a work in progress (and will be for a while as I plan to add a few more things), but I've decided to now go public with it: As already mentioned yesterday I've been working on a few Islay Beach Rugby related pages. This evening I've prepared my initial Islay Beach Rugby overview page, which brings together my videos and pictures from the event. Linked from it is the Islay Beach Rugby 2010 Picture Gallery:

Screenshot of a picture gallery of beach rugby pictures

The gallery contains 200 high resolution pictures from the over 1,400 my sister and I took two weeks ago. Some are as they came out of the cameras (apart from being resized), others I've cropped in order to really focus on the action. I hope you'll enjoy them and if you were there as a spectator or even player they will bring back some great memories from a great day on Islay.

Over the next few days I'm planning to add a picture gallery from the 2009 event, once I've managed to go through over 300 pictures I took that day. I'm hoping about 75 - 100 pictures will make the cut. Once that's complete I'm hoping to add more videos, starting with some footage from the Lassie Cup final (as they lost out in 2009).

Watch this space for updates, until then enjoy the 2010 pictures.

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