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Disathairne, 24/Jul/2010

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Apparently more and more people nowadays use mobile devices to surf the web, be it on Islay (mobile phone network permitting) or elsewhere in the world. One of the things many mobile devices, in particular mobile phones, have today are cameras. Combining these cameras with barcode scanner software they can read just these, barcodes and QR codes. Which is what that thing on the right is, the QR code for this website,

So far, so good. It does indeed work: Using the Barcode Scanner on my Nexus One I can read it and it then takes me to this blog. But then again, having it here on this site is a bit pointless, after all you're already here when you can see it (and therefore scan it). I can embed it elsewhere, I even have the code for that:

<img src="" alt="qrcode" />

(The site in the code above is also the site where I created the QR code, using the QR-Code Generator)

Still, that doesn't help me much yet. I could theoretically embed it somewhere else, but I'm not sure what that would bring me. May be I should print a card with it, I could then show it to people who ask me for the address of the blog and they scan it it (provided they have a smartphone).

What do you think? First of all does this work with your phone? And then, what do you think I should do with the code, if anything?

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