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Dimàirt, 03/Aug/2010

Ian's Islay Weekend Pictures

Islay Pictures in stencil

This evening I think I should share a few very nice Islay pictures with you I came across earlier today. A slightly lucky find, sometimes it's just a hunch to click on the right link. That link in my busy news feeds was titled Planet Islay, which made me curious, then click. It lead me to a very interesting picture, which in turn led me to explore further:

Screenshot of an Islay picture set on Flickr

That single Islay picture led me on to a very nice Islay picture set on Flickr by Ian Richardson. Almost 200 pictures of a weekend on Islay Ian and seven of his friends had at the end of July, sampling whisky and cycling. They seem to have covered all the distilleries in one weekend by bike, although I think there were a few sore bums and legs on the way (not sure about the heads). While I'd encourage you to view the whole set here are some which caught my eye in particular:

To start with there's a familiar view in an unusual way, the Paps. Then of course there's lslay, to where they were travelling at Warp Speed. Obviously there's the previously mentioned Planet Islay. Considering the many miles they must have covered it's good to see they Still Love Cycling. A nicely presented dram of Bowmore. On to the south coast The bikes | Laphroaig doesn't tell the whole story, as it leaves me wondering what kind of car that is?

Back in Port Charlotte there's an Amazing Beer Garden and another typical view of Islay. Then it's time to say good bye via Port Ellen and past Laphroaig and Lagavulin. Last but by no means least is a rather interesting picture of the Eileanan Innse Gill - the short one!

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