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Diluain, 23/Aug/2010

Stagediving Islay Sheep

Islay on Video written in stencil

Right, I'm back from Germany and full scale Islay blogging will resume here again shortly. I've had a great time with my sister (who did a fantastic job organising the long weekend) and my father in Heidelberg and around. I've had far too much food and drink, also it was quite hot for most of the weekend (30°+C several times), so I'm rather tired now. Meaning the Islay blogging roundup I had hoped to catch up with today will have to wait. Instead to help you getting some sleep as well here are a few Islay sheep you can count:

YouTube: Fårtävning på Islay med punkfår - både färg och attityd

Good night, hopefully more Islay blogging tomorrow.

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