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Dimàirt, 21/Sep/2010

Islay and Jura in the News

Islay News in stencil

Again and again I'm surprised how often Islay and also Jura are mentioned in the news in some form, considering their relative size and population compared to many other places. Over the last week or two I've come across a few newspaper reports mentioning Islay or Jura in one way or another (or are at least of some importance for both islands):

I've mentioned their blog several times and have also written about their adventures twice, even mentioned the report already. Still I think it's worth pointing out Family team in coast-to-coast paddle in the Press & Journal again.

Fears for Royal Mail after sale in The Herald might not immediately make you think of Jura, yet it receives a mention as this might have a huge impact on Jura. Reason being that if Royal Mail is sold and if (ok, ok, two ifs, but still) the universal service obligation is lifted this might mean no postal service for Jura. Who knows, possibly even Islay or at least parts of Islay?

While Islay or Jura aren't mentioned in Anger as new landslide hits vital road link I think most people who regularly travel to/from Islay will know which road is being written about in The Herald here. Of course it's the A83 at the Rest and Be Thankful. While the road was only closed for a relatively short period it's still worrying. The commenters seem to disagree, but that's yet another question.

The article is more general (and probably republished annually as it is fairly generic), but of course Outdoors: 'All around Scotland, the skies are filling with geese coming home to roost' in The Scotsman mentions Islay and the Barnacle Geese.

Last but not least there are always some tourism or whisky articles flying about somewhere, like Essence of the remote Scottish isle of Jura in The Economic Times or Aufschwung in Schottlands Brennereien: Der Whisky-Kult on the German FAZ.NET and Islay: Hochprozentige Seelentröster im Schottenrock in the German Weltexpress (both the German links via @whiskyfan on Twitter).

I think that's enough news for today…

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