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Disathairne, 02/Oct/2010

Islay Bird Videos

Islay on Video written in stencil

No, not the Barnacle Geese just yet. They haven't really arrived on Islay yet (a few have, but not the thousands Islay is known for), I guess it will be another week or two until that happens. As briefly mentioned yesterday evening I've come across some short but very nice Islay birdwatching videos. Let me start with another bird Islay is known for, the Chough:

YouTube: chough.AVI

I guess this was shot at the ruin of Kilchoman Church, as in the description it says ‘Chough near our digs on Islay’. The view from digs video indicates they were staying at Kilchoman House Cottages (which happen to be run by two birders, Ian and Margaret Brooke of Islay Birds blog fame). On to the next bird, a Peregrine Falcon:

YouTube: peregrin on oa

With the third video (and last video for today) I'm not sure if it was shot on Islay, but it was uploaded together with the others and the bird in question can often be seen on Islay. Here is a close view of a Lapwing:

YouTube: lapwing

You can find more birdwatching videos on the lowtonbirder YouTube account and read more on the LowtonBirder website. There's also a kind of blog, hopefully we will be able to read about the Islay visit in the September 2010 entries soon.

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