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Diluain, 11/Oct/2010

Kilchoman Islay Distillery Video Part 3

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On Thursday I posted first of the Kilchoman distillery videos from 2006, on Saturday the second video from the Kilchoman distillery warehouse followed, I think you know what I'm going to do today. Correct, for completeness post the third video about Islay's youngest distillery from the SingleMaltTv YouTube account:

YouTube: Pt 3 - Kilchoman Scotch Whisky Distillery Islay

This video takes us back to the still house and Anthony Wills speaks about how they run the distillery (or better, how they used to run it back then). I found it quite interesting to hear how few people they needed to run the distillery, at the same time some of the the much larger distilleries don't use that many more people, certainly not in relation to their output. Well, at least some of it is simple efficiency of scale.

I hope you enjoyed the videos, even though they are a few years old now. I think a lot of it is still interesting, be it because some of it hasn't really changed much, be it for historical interest. Thanks to SingleMaltTV for making them available to the wider public!

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