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Diciadain, 03/Nov/2010

More Islay Kitesurfing Videos

Islay on Video written in stencil

Kite surfing on Islay seems to be featuring quite heavily on this blog this year. In April I had More Kitesurfing on Islay Videos, in May Colin and friends return to Islay for some Kite Surfing and most recently in October Football and Kitesurfing on Islay. Here are some of the latest videos I've come across, it looks like from a rather wet day on Islay, which didn't stop Rich from getting out kitesurfing:

YouTube: Kitesurf Islay turn

And another option to turn around, sitting down:

YouTube: Kitesurf Islay sit

There's a third video which I decided to skip, as it's not very flattering for Rich. As far as I can tell they were all filmed at Loch Indaal, I believe from Blackrock or close to it. Unfortunately I have yet to see kitesurfing on Islay with my own eyes, fingers crossed I'll come across someone in action during one of my next visits.

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