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Disathairne, 20/Nov/2010

Islay Music Links

Islay Music in stencil

Islay is a quite musical place, you can often find music being played in various places. There are quite a few musicians on Islay, also there are musicians from Islay living and making music elsewhere. There is also music written about Islay. So I decided to create a new category, Islay Music. Just because I can. It won't necessarily be a regular feature, but it should appear every once in a while. In particular if I decide to have another Islay Music Saturday, like today. No video today, just a few links to Islay related music:

For those of you interested in Gaelic as well as traditional music I recommend to head over to Ron's Islay blog. He's got an entry A Gaelic Song of Islay, where you can listen to the song, read the lyrics and find out more about the song.

If you like it noisier (quite a bit noisier actually) and Ardbeg is your favourite Islay single malt whisky, then head over to The Ardbeg Project and there to the Ardbeg Song, written and performed by The Zero Point. I wonder if someone can get their fellow Danes The Raveonettes (probably my favourite Danish band) to write a song about Laphroaig?

My recent Music for Islay Whiskies? entry attracted a few comments and queries, two I'd like to pick up here:

Martin asked about a piece of music called ‘The Road to Ardtalla’. I think I've managed to track this down, I believe this is An Rathad Do Dh'Ardtalla by James MacMillan (An Rathad Do Dh'Ardtalla = The Road to Ardtalla). You can listen to a short sample of An Rathad Do Dh'Ardtalla, I haven't found any longer recordings online yet.

Mike asked about a song he heard at the Gaelic Concert during the Feis Ile but he's not sure he correctly remembers the title. A young man sang it and Mike thinks it was ‘Dear Dear Islay’ or something similar. I haven't found anything and can't think what this could be, the only songs I came across were The Praise of Islay and The Maid of Islay. Can anyone of you help Mike?

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