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Diluain, 29/Nov/2010

David Hayman learns about whisky, the Islay and Jura way

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Earlier this evening I came across the STVDocumentaries channel on YouTube, which as the name indicates contains a number of documentaries, mainly from Scotland. Some of the clips are from the Made in Scotland series from 2009. One of the things made in Scotland is obviously whisky, something actor David Hayman learns about on Islay and from someone closely linked to the Jura distillery:

While I don't know in which order the clips ran originally I thought it's best to start with how it is made, for which we go to Islay, to Bruichladdich to be precise. Here David Hayman discovers the real colour of whisky while distilling with Jim McEwan. Once distilled the whisky needs to be stored to mature, so Jim teaches him about Whisky casks - where do they come from? I assume David also got to taste some Bruichladdich, but I haven't been able to find any video of that on the channel, so we have to move on.

He is one of the most passionate people in the world (may be the most passionate?) about how to taste good whisky: Richard Paterson (aka The Nose) of Whyte & Mackay and therefore Isle of Jura distillery. With his help David Hayman learns to taste whisky and finds out that Gentleness is key to whisky tasting. He also learns Richard's party trick in Whisky walks on water as actor David Hayman finds out.

Those were the clips I've found, I hope you'll enjoy them. If you find any others please share them in the comments.

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