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Diardaoin, 02/Dec/2010

The People of Islay

Islay on Video written in stencil

Earlier this year I had a brief exchange on Twitter with someone who was going to Islay to film for a project by the Wellcome Trust. To my great embarrassment I can't remember the name, so I hope he (I think it was a he) reads this and says Hi. Anyway, at the end of the exchange I asked him if the video was going to be public and he said yes. Today I came across the video on YouTube:

YouTube: People of the British Isles: The genetic landscape of Islay | A film by the Wellcome Trust

The background of the video is the People of the British Isles project (unfortunately the website doesn't seem to have been updated for a while) by the University of Oxford, supported by the Wellcome Trust. University of Oxford urgently asking Islay and Jura for help on For Argyll provides a bit of background on the Islay part of it.

While the background for the video is of course the research I thought it also shows a bit more. The philosophy, the love for the place, what makes them tick, the humour. What makes Islay and Scotland special for many people.

I hope you got the same out of the video.

Two updates:

The person who filmed the video is Barry J Gibb (@barryjamesgibb), he dropped by and said Hi in the comments here.

With thanks to @theokk who pointed it out, there's now an update on the Wellcome Trust website: Video feature: People of the British Isles

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