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Dimàirt, 14/Dec/2010

On Islay Time

Islay News in stencil

Many people say things on Islay happen in Islay time. Well, not only on Islay. The pictures from Islay I'm going to post today have been in my inbox for a few days, for some reason I haven't got around to post them earlier. A friend from Islay sent me the first two pictures asking if I wanted to guess where this was?

Picture of a roof tower with a clock

A pagoda style roof tower with a clock? Something in my head told me I should know where this is. But I couldn't figure out what it was. I wasn't really getting anywhere. What was the other clue?

Picture of a roof with two roof towers/vents

A roof. And it looks fairly new. There were also the tops of what looked like scaffolding poles just visible (not in the picture above, I cropped it to fit it in here). May be it was something new I just thought I knew but hadn't actually seen yet?

I knew there was a very similar clock at Laphroaig distillery, but that was on the wall. May be there was another one? I also had a vague memory of reading about some roof repairs at the Mactaggart Leisure Centre in Bowmore, but wasn't sure about the timing. And I couldn't recall a clock on that roof either.

I gave up. (And by telling you this long-winded story hopefully have used up enough space for you to not immediately see the answer and may be trying to guess yourself?)

The next evening the next mail with another picture and the answer arrived. In full view it all became clear:

Picture of a leisure centre with workmen on the roof

Yes, it was indeed the Mactaggart Leisure Centre. Now with a new roof and some very nice looking roof towers, one with a clock. I think this is a great addition to the centre and Bowmore, looks really nice. But what will it mean to Islay time?

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