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Diluain, 20/Dec/2010

Sea Kayaking from Islay to Rathlin

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Sea-kayaking around Islay, Jura or Gigha is a fairly regular topic on this blog, in particular when Douglas and friends from Sea kayaking with are on one of their tours. I don't know if they know each other, but today I came across an interesting website via a (at least for me as non-kayaker) at times rather scary looking video:

Sea kayaking Scotland from Richard Harpham on Vimeo.

The website is called The Big 5 Kayak Challenge and as the name indicates it's about some rather big sea kayaking challenges. While completing these challenges they also raise funds for the Rivers Access Campaign and the Marine Conservation Society. They have completed their first set of 5 challenges and if I read it right are currently completing the second set of 5 challenges. So where does Islay come into this?

Simple: One of their challenges was to kayak from Scotland to Ireland, for which they picked the Islay to Rathlin route. It turned out to be their biggest challenge yet and sounds rather scary (and not recommended to copy!), you can read all about it in Big 5 Kayak Challenge - 9. Scotland to Ireland (unsupported). Parts of the video also cover this trip, in particular starting at 2:19 minutes (I think that's the cliffs of The Oa in the background) and the night section from 2:36. I believe Rathlin is from 3:00 onwards.

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