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Diciadain, 22/Dec/2010

Quick Islay News

Islay News in stencil

It's less than a week ago that I posted the last Mixed Islay News and Links, still I decided to post some more today. After some of the worrying news last week there is some hope this week and there are also some very good news from Islay to mention. Here we go:

Last week I mentioned that the Machrie Hotel had gone into administration (note this is only the hotel, the golf course is still operating, certainly for the time being). Since then there have been some positive news as Anthony Pioppi reports: Update on The Machrie: Links to Remain Open Through the Winter. You can read the details in his update, in short the golf course remains open and there have been inquiries from potential buyers already. In other words, there's hope for a positive outcome.

Update: A quite long article in the Caledonian Mercury with Islay suffers body blow as golf resort goes into administration with further details and comments from various people.

Islay has had Indian restaurants for quite a while, several restaurants in the hotels, some pubs serving food, the Nippy Chippy, the Cyber Cafe and the Old Kiln cafe at Ardbeg to mention some of the places to eat. Now there's a new place to eat and/or get a good takeaway, it serves Chinese food. I'm not aware of a website for it (yet), but they have a page on Facebook, the Golden Dragon in Bowmore (for those not on Facebook, their phone number is 01496-810811, opening hours 12:00-14:00 and 17:00-23:00 hrs). All the feedback I've seen so far is very very positive, a great start then and a welcome addition to Islay's restaurants. I'll certainly try it when I'm back on Islay again.

That's all I have for today, more Islay news whenever there are enough.

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