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Diluain, 27/Dec/2010

Islay in 2011, the Year Ahead

Islay Fun in stencil

This is the time of year where all kinds of blogs and other media write their reviews of the year and look forward into the new year. While I'm still pondering my nominations for ‘Armin's completely partial Islay Awards 2010’ I thought I'll have a stab at some completely useless predictions for 2011. What could 2011 bring for Islay?

Weather: Yes, there will be weather. Always is. It will be very nice the week before Easter. Also the middle two weeks of June. And the last week of October (trying a bit of self-fulfilling prophecy here and influence the weather gods). At other times it will also be nice. Or bad.

New Islay Ferry: The new Islay ferry will come into service. No, really. If it will be able to berth on Islay is a different question, I'll leave it to you to decide which rumour you're going to believe.

Whisky: There will be new whisky releases. Some will be popular with the critics and whisky buffs, others won't. Can't make everyone happy. Kilchoman will release their 5 year old whisky, possibly in August. Maths dictates that Bruichladdich will celebrate 10 years of officially reopening. No surprise there, really. Only question is what the Valinch will be called.

Birdlife: The geese will leave in spring, only to come back in October. They do that every year, get over it. Some very rare bird (birdensis arminhasneverheardofis) will be spotted, tracked and photographed.

Pictures: 25,464,823 (rough estimate) pictures will be taken of Islay, probably approximately 1.2463% of them by me. Some will be great, a few more good and many more will be suffering the fate of being unceremoniously deleted.

Scandals and other shenanigans: Islay will probably not be mentioned in anything leaked on Wikileaks. No prime minister of any major democracy will resign because of something he said after drinking too much Islay single malt whisky. Rather boring really. Sorry.

So far for my completely useless and deliberately vague predictions for Islay in 2011. I'll check in a years time how accurate they were. If any were wrong I will conveniently ignore them. So what are your predictions for Islay in 2011? Anything exciting?

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