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Didòmhnaich, 02/Jan/2011

Islay Blogging Roundup #150

Islay Blogging Roundup in stencil

Made it. It started in September 2007, reached reached 50 in September 2008 and made it to 100 in November 2009. Took a bit longer this time (too many Islay visits?), but with this Islay blogging roundup I'm completing the next 50, reaching 150 roundups. Over the Christmas and New Year period blogging has been a bit slower, but there were still a few mentions of Islay and Jura in the blogs. With a wee dram of my Best (New) Islay Whisky 2010 let's see what they wrote:

Of course there were various Happy New Year wishes, Ron saying Happy New Year Everyone, Carl wishing a Happy New Year, Ian on the Islay birds blog had thanks and good wishes and John Armitage writes about the Dawn of a new year!

There also were a few Islay whisky and at least one Islay gin post:

Peter Wood at The Tasting Note has written quite a few of them, with #285 he covers The Botanist Gin and seems very happy with it. Over in Germany the GuloGuloProject writes Bruichladdich - den ganzen Tag an Schnaps denken while the Northern Walker has More festive malty goodness: Caol Ila after Uncorking the Christmas malt: Jura Prophecy.

From Australia the The Distant Thunder Whisky Club has a look at The Salted Dog: Bruichladdich Waves and Raised Glass writes about the Ardbeg Supernova. In his ongoing series about following Barnards travels Whisky Story has now arrived at Bowmore Distillery, Islay. The Whisky Online Blog has A Fistful of Port Ellen.

Despite the Christmas holidays there was still a bit of bird- and wildlife watching: The Islay Birds blog has a variety of birds today and a similar mix on Thursday. A new year also means a new month, so Ian also has the rainfall numbers for December and the full year. The Islay Natural History Trust blog wonders Where are the Barnacles? Carl walks up a hill I've thought of going up some time to take pictures of Crofts near Portnahaven, now I know it'll be worth it on a clear day. Malcolm in the meantime provides some helpful hints on Identifying swans.

In other news Ron writes that Megan Hastings of Islay Played at Royal Festival Hall and the Scottish Sea Angling Conservation Network mentions the Offshore Wind SEA and Draft Plan events – January 2011, which includes one on Islay. I've already mentioned it in Renovating Portnahaven School, but for completeness another mention of Ian writing Portnahaven Primary School Renovation Project: Flickr. From foreign shores come this Japanese blog entry about the Museum of Islay life and Klara Eriksson from Sweden Bröllopet. The wedding. A Wonderful Day was had by 1ngi on Wordstroke.

There were even a few pictures, on Mark's Islay Photography Gallery a rather cold looking Lochindaal 2 and something Frozen ! Whisky & Dreams from Germany has Bilder Bruichladdich Day 2010 with several of Jim McEwan. A slightly different kind of picture (as in, a painting) can be found on Logan Drawings, Islay From my own Islay Pictures photoblog I think I'll have to pick At the Shore of Loch Tarbert on the Isle of Jura, Ardnave Farm (and some geese), Isle of Islay and Imke on a Toy Tricycle on Jura with a view of Islay.

As I've said, a comparably short roundup this time with a slow week behind us. Of course no roundup (in particular not a jubilee one) would be complete without the original inspiration to this Islay blogging roundup, the Scottish Roundup. This week with A Guid New Year tae ane and a’ Thank you and good night!

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