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Diciadain, 12/Jan/2011

Fishing Boat seen from Islay Ferry

Islay on Video written in stencil

When on the ferry crossing to or from Islay it's not unusual to spot a few fishing boats either travelling past or even actively fishing. While I don't know if this fishing boat is (or was, the video was filmed 10 years ago) based on Islay I do know that it was filmed by argyll1952 while on said Islay ferry:

YouTube: Traditional Scottish Fishing Boat at work.

The video is nothing special as such, after all it's just a fishing boat doing what fishing boats do, yet in some way I can't really explain I just like it. Somehow the mood is captivating, the view of the boat, the sea, the people on board going about their business, I hope you've enjoyed it too.

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