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Disathairne, 15/Jan/2011

Islay on Wikipedia

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As it is the world's fifth most popular site I think most or even all of my readers will be familiar with Wikipedia in some way. What some of you might have missed is that Wikipedia turned 10 today. I think the best birthday wishes come from The Economist, Wiki birthday to you. So how is Islay represented on Wikipedia?

The very first version of the entry for Islay on Wikipedia was created on 18/Jan/2003, just short of eight years ago. It was rather short, so short that I'm going to quote it in full:

Islay is a Scottish island, the southernmost of the Inner Hebrides. It lies just to the south of Jura.

It has a total area of just over 600 square kilometres. Its main industries are whisky distilling and tourism largely based on whisky. Whisky produced by the island's seven disilleries is known as Islay whisky.

Yes, that's it. Two short paragraphs. In the eight years since then quite a lot of information has been added, so the current version of the Wikipedia entry of Islay is considerably longer with various sections including geography, economy and notable natives of Islay. If I counted correctly there are 27 versions in other languages, including Deutsch, Magyar, Français, Japanese and Chinese.

That's by no means all there is about Islay on Wikipedia, many places on Islay have got their own pages. This includes Port Ellen, Bowmore and Port Charlotte as the main villages, but also others as diverse as The Oa, Loch Gruinart and Beinn Bheigeir. The last one I'm personally pleased about, as I created that entry, my small contribution to the Wikipedia project. Hopefully I'll find the time to add more.

I hope you found this interesting and may be it even inspires you to add more information (or correct errors you might find) about Islay on Wikipedia?

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