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Diluain, 14/Feb/2011

Dreaming of Islay

OK, it's time for a shameless plug today. I'm going to try to get you to buy something, something with my ‘Islay design’. Some of you might remember the I'd rather be on Islay T-Shirt (here's me wearing it) and the I'd rather be on Islay (Bumper) Sticker. Today I've added a third option, although admitted you won't see much of it while you're using it:

Picture of a pillow case with the print I'd rather be on Islay

A few days ago spreadshirt added the option of a pillow case to their products, this evening I set up the ‘I'd rather be on Islay pillow case’ for Armin's Little Islay Shop.

While I haven't tried it yet (having only created the product in the shop today) I'm quite confident that the pillow will help you dreaming of Islay, wherever you are. For the time being it is only available in blue on white, if I receive enough requests I'll also add other colours for the print (unfortunately the pillow case is only available in white). I hope you'll like it.

PS: if you have pictures of you wearing one of the t-shirts or of your car with the sticker and would like to see them on this blog just e-mail them to me and I'll get them published.

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