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Dimàirt, 01/Mar/2011

Re-JIG Jura/Islay needs support

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Coming from Germany where at least paper and glass recycling has been around for as long as I can think I was surprised how little was recycled in the UK when I first moved over back in 1995. Since then a lot has changed, especially over the last decade recycling has grown immensely. On Islay and Jura Re-JIG (Recycle – Jura / Islay Group) plays an important role in this. After the recent good news for Keills Primary a new threat looms though for this important for our future organisation:

In the latest issue of the Ileach I spotted an appeal for support, as with some recently announced upcoming funding cuts their survival is under severe threat. Similar information and more is also available on the Re-JIG website, some of which I'm going to quote here:

[..] the reward for doing all this was initially to be a 5% cut in their funding by the council. The organisations response was phlegmatic – ‘we all have to tighten our belts, how can we replace the income’. They duly expanded the services available through their reuse shop and sought contracts from other local businesses to recycle their waste. [..]

[..] along with all the other community recycling organisations across Argyll and Bute, Re-JIG has now been told that the plan now is to remove nearly all their funding through the SLA in the next financial year and to remove it all together thereafter. [..]

If you support Recycling locally and Re-JIG generally, please look out for and sign our letters of support that will be distributed in the local shops next week.

Unfortunately there isn't an electronic version of the letter of support available as far as I know and I currently don't have a scanner (otherwise I would take the liberty to just scan it). On the other hand I should think they can accept other forms of support as well, you can find the Re-JIG contact details on their website.

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