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Diluain, 07/Mar/2011

Two Gaelic Speaking Ladies on Colonsay

Colonsay Excursions written in stencil

Some of you might remember the video I posted three weeks ago in A Portrait of Gigha Island Life. Today I came across another video showing a glimpse of island life on another neighbouring island to Islay, on Colonsay. There is a twist to this video, it is in Gaelic. But don't worry if (like me) you don't speak Gaelic, there are subtitles throughout:

YouTube: Mo Charaid, Mo Ghaisgeach (My Friend, My Hero)

The video isn't new as such, but I only saw it today for the first time after it was uploaded to what I believe to be the account of the director/producer/editor. It was originally filmed in 2009 for the FilmG competition, where it won the ‘Best Documentary’ award.

I hope Flora and Jessie, the two elderly ladies providing us a glimpse into their lives in the video, are still around on Colonsay. I'm sure they've got many more stories to tell. I wonder if they might be welcoming (or at least watching) us when we go over to Colonsay during the 2011 WalkIslay walking week?

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