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Diardaoin, 17/Mar/2011

St. Patrick's Day with a Laphroaig

After a couple of very busy days (and another one ahead until I can recover over the weekend) I'm a bit low on energy this evening. Too lazy to properly research an Islay blog post I think I'll just relax this evening and follow some slightly cheeky advice from Laphroaig:

Screenshot of a tweet suggesting to drink Laphroaig Scotch whisky on St Patrick's Day

I've just opened a bottle (my last to be precise) of Laphroaig Triple Wood, my favourite Laphroaig and on most days my favourite Islay single malt. Some nice chocolate with it and I'm in heaven.

That's almost all I have this evening. I hope you're having a great St Patrick's Day. But before I say ‘Good Night’ a quick look over to Ireland from Islay. You'll have to look closely, but you can make out Ireland in the distance in this view from The Oa (If you can't, I'll post a larger version on the Islay Pictures photoblog on Friday):

Picture of a view across a wide channel to another island

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