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Dimàirt, 22/Mar/2011

Islay, South Dakota

Islay Fun in stencil

Islay is famous all over the world, of course mainly because of the whisky. I'm not sure if it is because of this, but again and again I find something named after Islay (and not far behind also Jura). Today I came across a place in the United States where many road names have an Islay or Jura connection, or at least a Scotland connection:

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The place in question can be found in Fort Pierre, South Dakota, where the street names in Marion’s Gardens, Marion’s Pastures and Marion’s Acres were mainly picked from Islay and Jura. You will have to zoom in on the embedded Google Map above, but then you'll find an ‘Islay Avenue’, a ‘Skerrols Street’ or a ‘Caol Ila Court’. The couple behind the development, Mike and Fiona Harrison, know Islay well, may be some people on Islay know them?:

Skerrols “ske-rols” was the name of Mike and Fiona’s old farm house on Islay. The word means "fair pastures” or “fine land”.

Zooming in to streetview level I've been looking around for a road sign with the names easily recognisable, but so far haven't been very sucessful. If you find any let me know?

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