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Diciadain, 04/May/2011

Leon Murphy's Islay Pictures

Islay Pictures in stencil

Yes, more pictures this evening. No Islay Photobook like yesterday, well, at least not yet. Leon Murphy visited Islay just last week (not for the first time, if I'm not mistaken) and has posted a number of pictures online:

Screenshot of a picture set from Flickr

The teaser above is from the islay 2011 set on his new murphwiz76 Flickr account. Some ‘normal’ pictures like this one of the wyre (as in Wyre Majestic) to the more artistic like this HDR version of Bowmore distillery. I must admit I'm not too keen on HDR pictures, most of them look too unnatural and processed to me personally, but then I don't have to like everything and quite possibly some of you like them.

But that's not all: There's also the murphwiz picplz account, which at least currently shows lots of Islay pictures. It doesn't seem to be possible to link to Islay pictures only (no tags or sets I could see), so you'll just have to look through the account.

And last but by no means least how did I find most of this? Through his @murphwiz Twitter account.

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