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Diluain, 09/May/2011

Islay House in Woodend, revisited

Islay Links in stencil

Back in 2008 I wrote about some other ‘Islay Houses’ around the world. One of them was the Islay House in Woodend, Victoria (that's on the other side of the world, in Australia). At that time I could only find one picture and a drawing, a few days ago I came across a few more pictures:

Screenshot of six thumbnails in a preview

The pictures can be found on Philip Holgate's flickr account, the ones in the teaser above are all in a set Woodend. However, I also found a few others like this one of Islay House, Woodend, in the autumn in his photostream.

Looking back at the picture of Islay House I had linked in the first entry and then clicking through to Carol's pictures who had commented on it I found yet another picture: Islay House in Woodend. Carol mentioned it was uninhabited back in 2008, looking at Philip's pictures from 2011 I get the impression this hasn't changed.

What a shame for such a nice house with a great name!

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