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Disathairne, 28/May/2011

New Islay panorama, Port Ellen and Texa

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It is Saturday today, which means it must be Islay panorama day. And it is. Yes, I managed to find the pictures for another Islay panorama, this time from the south coast. It is a slightly unusual panorama as I used a telephoto lens instead of the usual wide angle, making the preview even more useless than usual. Still, here it is, hopefully it will still get you interested:

Tiny picture of a panoramic view over Port Ellen and Texa

For the real thing and a much much better view head over to the panorama of a view over Port Ellen and Texa on the south coast of Islay in my More Islay 180° panoramas collection. This panorama actually gives you three distilleries in one. Well, kind of. One of them is long closed and the other one you can only just make out when you look closely. But still, I think it's a first for me.

I'm afraid unlike previous panoramas this one won't find its way on to the Islay Pictures photoblog, it just doesn't really work as a picture, at least not in the sizes I use. Sorry. But I think I'll use a few normal pictures taken from up there over the next few days (if I haven't used them yet).

I think that's all for today, time for a last wee dram (the good old Laphroaig 10yo) before bed. Good night!

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