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Disathairne, 23/Jul/2011

Spying on George Orwell on Jura

Jura Excursions written in stencil

My own latest Islay video is still in the works (hope to have it online by Monday), so instead we're going to the far north of Jura. We're going to Barnhill to be precise, where George Orwell stayed when writing his famous book 1984. It also the scene of one of the weirder videos I've mentioned here:

YouTube: Spying on Orwell Experiment

I hope you found the video interesting, if not I also have some music for you: Timelords - Doctorin' The Tards. Yes, there is a Jura connection here. It's not in the video though. And you probably have to be at least in your thirties to remember it.

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