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Dihaoine, 09/Sep/2011

Friday Islay Picture #208 - Bruichladdich Distillery Still House

Friday Islay Picture in stencil

Right then, Friday Islay picture time again. Which, as the name implies, is the start of the weekend. A bit of a special weekend for Bruichladdich distillery, so I decided to pick a picture of said distillery for this week's Friday Islay picture. An impression from the still house in October 2010:

Picture of two spirit saves in the still house of Bruichladdich distillery

Several things happening at Bruichladdich this weekend: To start with the new Bruichladdich distillery website went live a few hours ago (see also ‘New Website’ on the Bruichladdich blog). It looks quite nice, even though some of the webcams have disappeared. But don't fear, when I questioned it I was told they would come back as they upgrade the webcams. There's a lot of information on it, so I'll wait with my final verdict until I've discovered more.

Secondly (but certainly more important for the distillery than the website) The Laddie 10 will finally be launched this weekend. The first 10 Year Old Bruichladdich Islay single malt whisky under the new ownership. There are all kinds of activities around this event and I know of a number of whisky enthusiasts (e.g. Serge of Whisky Fun or Gordon Homer of Islay Visits and Spirit of Islay Forum) who will be on Islay this weekend (and either voluntarily or involuntarily, there's a big storm approaching, into next week).

Anyway, I'll use this opportunity to pour myself not a 10 yo, but a PC8, which for the time being (probably until the PC9 and PC10 come out) is my favourite Bruichladdich. Have a great weekend! Oh, and I'll post a larger version of the picture on the Islay Pictures photoblog on Saturday morning as usual.

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