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Diciadain, 28/Sep/2011

The Praise of Islay

Islay Music in stencil

Time for another Music Wednesday, partially because I was a bit lucky today. I can't remember where and how I first came across it, but there's a song called ‘The Praise of Islay’ (or in the original Gaelic ‘Moladh na Landaidh’). When looking for it all I could initially find was an instructional video how to play it on the violin (which is nice for learning, but not general listening) and some unfortunately rather bad quality recordings. Then today I came across this version:

YouTube: The Cecilian Choir Dundee - In Praise of Isla

For the lyrics I've come across two useful options (with a different number of verses, I don't know what's right):

As a bonus I've also found a very short recording of The Praise of Islay from a school choir in Kilbarchan (click on the PLAY button towards the top left).

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