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Didòmhnaich, 09/Oct/2011

Islay Blogging Roundup #184

Islay Blogging Roundup in stencil

Almost a third through October already, the autumn is starting to make its presence felt: There's a steady stream of Barnacle Geese arriving on Islay (more about that later), after the short lived Indian summer it has cooled certainly cooled down a bit and I've baked my first Bremer Klaben for this season today. But enough of that, over to what the blogs had to say about Islay this week:

Usually the pictures have to wait until the end (sometimes I'm a creature of habit), but I thought a relaunch is reason enough to pull James Deane's latest entry to the front, which unsurprisingly is titled Relaunch. We should expect to see more from James on his blog again over the coming weeks as well.

Autumn and winter is a good time to enjoy a wee dram (ideally in front of an open fire), Peatreek writes about Vertical Limit - Bruichladdich X4+3 and Octomore Release 4 and Of Whirlpools and Vikings - Ardbeg Corryvreckan. Bozkurt ‘Bozzy’ Karasu is in a similar mood with sweet peaty dreams…. The Bruichladdich Blog writes about a Culture Monster and it seems my ‘James Bond Movie to be filmed on Islay?’ April Fools wasn't that far off after all as they write in At Home with James Bond it is at least Argyll.

It was difficult to decide where to put this, but in the end I decided it goes into travel and visits as it is a travel blog: In a blog named Europe 2011 a couple writes about their long-delayed honeymoon to Scotland, Paris and Dubai. Which included a visit to Islay. Captn Jamie in Tarbert, Tarbert, the MV Finlaggan, honeymoon suite at an taigh osda and a visit to Bruichladdich distillery were the entries so far. They dropped off their Minis before they went to Islay (bad mistake, I think), so The Scotland Adventures of the Mini Cooper Brigade is slightly misleading, Day 11 – Island of Islay, Lagavulin, Laphroig, Ardbeg, Bowmore, Bruichladdich and Day 12 – Leaving Islay and Scotland, travel to London were still enjoyable though.

Douglas and his friends continue their sea kayaking adventures around the Rhinns of Islay, this week's entries were Flotsam, jetsam and kayaks off the Rinns of Islay., The ground was moving and it was nothing to do with the Laphroig!, Singing seals of Loch Gruinart at the end of a long day. and a summary with Sea kayaking the Rinns of Islay.. Kind of related is an entry on Savage Shores titled Ardnave Island as I believe the visit was by kayak.

I had promised I would get back to the Geese, probably the best place to follow the arrival of the Barnacle Geese on Islay is the Islay Birds blog. On Wednesday there were 500, on Thursday over 2,000, on Friday we had 3,246, on Saturday there were 3,462 and finally today Sunday there were 3,577. I should think we will have 5 digit numbers by next weekend… The Islay Natural History Trust blog says there's Not much happening!, although earlier in the week the Swallows were still here.

Now back to the pictures: McArthurs Head I spotted on Photos for Days, which seems to be some kind of group blog. Mark Unsworth is currently enjoying wine (or was it cognac?) in France, but luckily there are still some pictures coming on his Islay Photography Gallery: There's the Ardbeg Computer and there's a Mash Tun. Then there were Scallop Shells by the Bondbloke. From my own Islay Pictures photoblog I think I'll go for the Paps of Jura Towering Over a House on Islay, the Dramatic Clouds over Loch Indaal and the Jura Ferry Crossing the Sound of Islay.

And that's it for this week. As usual the link to the Scottish Roundup, this week with Scottish Roundup: in which the women do most of the talking. Good night!

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