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Diciadain, 02/Nov/2011

Another Driving from Port Ellen to Bowmore Islay Video

Islay on Video written in stencil

Some of you might remember the Driving the Low Road - An Islay Road Movie? video I posted last year. And probably got bored watching it, after all there isn't an awful lot happening. Almost four and a half minutes driving along a straight road, not much more. Well, someone has now taken this a bit further and created an almost nine minutes long video:

YouTube: Port Ellen to Bowmore

While I initially thought the video would cover the whole drive I then discovered they cheated a bit: It covers the whole stretch from Port Ellen to the airport, then at about 5:27min cuts out the whole stretch from just past the airport until entering Bowmore. On the plus side as a bonus we then get to see the whole of Bowmore until just past the Gaelic college.

I hope you'll enjoy the video, at least it has some nice music in it.

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