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Dimàirt, 08/Nov/2011

Islay Pages on Google+

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Regular readers might remember the occasional mentions I've made of Google+, Google's social network launched during the summer. Up to now Google only allowed personal pages, like my own Armin Grewe on Google+ account. That changed yesterday when Google launched Google+ Pages, which are designed for businesses, brands and all other kinds of things. Quite quickly the first Islay related pages popped up, I also had a go:

To start with I created an Islay Blog Google+ page. I'm not really sure yet I need it and that it makes much sense, but for experimenting it's a good start. Most of the people following it also follow my personal account, so the updates are in a way duplicate. May be it will develop into an account for those wanting to follow the blog on Google+ but not interested in my other updates? Time will tell.

Screenshot of a Google+ circle

With a slightly different twist I set up the Islay Pictures Google+ page, to quote the tagline: “Sharing the beauty of the Isle of Islay in Scotland through Pictures”. While I'm including the pictures from my own photoblog I'm spreading this much further and include many other Islay photographers. To start with I've linked to Islay pictures by Mark Unsworth, James Deane, Phil Gray and Nicola Halsall from Islay as well as Keith Savage as a visitor. Over time I hope/plan to expand that to many more Islay photographers and their Islay (and Jura and Colonsay) pictures.

Of course I haven't been the only one playing with the pages and setting one up:

The first (and as far as I can tell so far only) Islay distillery to set up a page is Laphroaig, who set up their Laphroaig Google+ page. I hope they make good use of it, the opportunity is certainly there.

Ron also created a page, unsurprisingly the Islay Google+ page (in addition to his Islay Scotland account), which links to his Islay Info site. I assume he's going to use these for updates on his page as well as blog.

It's obviously very early days, over the next couple of weeks I should think we're going to see a few more Islay related pages popping up. Looks like an interesting journey ahead…

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