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Diciadain, 16/Nov/2011

Piano Afternoon at Kilchoman, Islay

Islay Music in stencil

After a bunch of at least indirectly music related posts over the last four days I thought another one can't hurt either. Now I don't know where it was written and I know it wasn't recorded on Islay, but I do know that this little piano piece by Ian Matheson takes its name from a wonderful place on Islay:

Afternoon at Kilchoman by Ian Matheson

Ian has a recording studio called Renfrew Recordings, where he recorded Afternoon at Kilchoman last December. When he published it in February it only took him two days to claim Afternoon at Kilchoman hits the top spot! Well deserved I think, as I quite like it.

For those of you who would like a bit more, here's a bonus track inspired by Islay's neighbour Colonsay, on the day trip from Islay:

Farewell to Colonsay by Ian Matheson

I hope you've enjoyed Ian's music and may be it took you back to Islay and Colonsay.

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