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Diluain, 28/Nov/2011

Islay Taste Map launched by Martine Nouet and Bowmore

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It has been all over the social media channels today, certainly Twitter, Facebook and also Google+. For the benefit of those not using social media (or those who somehow missed it) I thought I mention it here as well. Earlier today a new Islay whisky website was launched in a collaboration between Martine Nouet and Bowmore:

Screenshot of the main section of the Islay Taste Map website

The website is The Islay Taste Map by Martine Nouet & Bowmore Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky (now that's a mouthful…) and is designed to provide an overview about the flavours of all eight whisky distilleries on Islay. For the description the old ‘four elements’ of air, earth, water and fire are used. While the website obviously has Bowmore branding in various places I feel it treats the other distilleries more than adequate and fair. Each distillery has one page with a short description and the taste notes for one of their whiskies.

I don't know if there are plans to expand the selection of whiskies, I hope there is as I feel just one whisky from each distillery is a bit narrow. Some whiskies from the same distillery taste very very different, e.g. peated and unpeated whiskies for some. While I'm by no means a whisky expert even I can taste a huge difference between the peated Port Charlotte and Octomore series and the unpeated other Bruichladdichs. Or the regular 12yo Bunnahabhain and the occasional peaty releases like the Toiteach.

Let's see what the future will bring…

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