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Diluain, 19/Dec/2011

Bear Bones Christmas #1 Single?

Islay Music in stencil

Right then, I think it's time to get at least a tiny wee bit Christmassy even on this blog (well, in addition to the Christmas countdown in the right column). I'm not sure how often I've mentioned Bear Bones with frontman Ben from Islay this year. Here he is again with his coming Christmas #1 hit:

YouTube: Bear Bones - All I Want for Christmas

This is quite possibly the first time I've heard a Mariah Carey song in full. Kind of like when Travis covered Britney. If you're a Mariah Carey and/or Britney Spears fan I hope you'll forgive me…

Let's see if there will be any further in some way Islay related Christmas songs, as usual I'm probably going to continue blogging through Christmas and the New Year celebrations. My Laphroaig Christmas Hamper left Islay today, so expect to read about that some time over the weekend.

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