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Diluain, 09/Jan/2012

Islay's John Campbell Shows off his Golf and Whisky

Islay on Video written in stencil

And now for something slightly different. But only slightly. The video isn't strictly speaking from Islay, but I believe was filmed in Germany, nevertheless it shows two of the many things Islay is known for: Golf and whisky. I have a vague memory of John Campbell of Laphroaig mentioning a golf event in Germany he was attending last year, I believe this video was filmed there:

YouTube: Imagefilm Laphroaig

I don't know what the film was used for, but it's slightly different than some of the usual promotional videos (‘Imagefilm’ means as much as promotional video). It doesn't use the age old Scotland stereotypes too much but more emphasizes just having a good game of golf followed by a nice Islay single malt. Simple, yet I think effective.

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