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Diardaoin, 12/Jan/2012

Jura Music Festival 2011 Snippets

Jura Excursions written in stencil

Decided to have another Music Thursday, this time with an excursion to Islay's neighbour Jura. YouTube user Woomble08 (who seems to be a big Roddy Woomble and Idlewild fan, but also found time to visit Jura) has uploaded three short clips from the Jura Music Festival in September 2011. I've taken the liberty to combine them into a playlist, they should play in sequence:

YouTube Playlist: Jura Music Festival 2011

The singer in the first video is Mary Ann Kennedy, she is followed in the second and third video by I believe The Paddy Callaghan Trio. I hope you'll enjoy the videos and in particular the music.

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