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Diluain, 06/Feb/2012

Islay to Inverness via the Great Glen

Islay on Video written in stencil

Hoping that you don't get bored by them I've decided to post another of the ‘Islay from the air’ videos I can't seem to get enough of tonight. If I'm honest, there isn't even that much Islay (and Jura), after less than two of the six minutes of the videos we are past the northern end of Jura. But I thought the views are nice enough to share it anyway:

YouTube: B200 Islay to Inverness via Oban and Fort William

A quick look at the Islay and Jura sights I think I spotted: From the start to 0:36 is of course taxiing and take-off from the airport at Glenegedale. At about 0:40 I think they're turning just before Port Ellen? At about 0:57 they approach the Sound of Islay, I think in the Glen Logan area. At 1:00 they are above the Sound, approaching Jura. They reach Jura just north of Ardfin, Am Fraoch Eilan is visible in the Sound. The loch at 1:06 I think is Loch a'Bhaile-Mhargaidh, soon followed by a great view of the Bay of Small Isles and Loch na Mile at around 1:10. Ardfernal and Lowlandman's Bay at 1:15. Then along the east coast of Jura until I think just before 1:50, when they pass the Gulf of Corryvreckan and Scarba.

There's another Islay related video in this channel, King Air B200 Islay to Glasgow Time Lapse, although I must admit I don't really get that video. It was shot during an evening flight, so pretty much all you get to see are the instruments and a lot of … darkness. May be it appeals to flight enthusiasts?

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