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Didòmhnaich, 19/Feb/2012

Islay Blogging Roundup #201

Islay Blogging Roundup in stencil

Back to the routine with the Islay Blogging roundup after the 200th edition last weekend. Not a terribly exciting weekend in Aldermaston Wharf, rebuilt the search for the blog (now available in the sidebar) and went out to try to take pictures of Birds and a Plane in Aldermaston Wharf this afternoon. Oh, my exciting life! Back to Islay and Jura in the blogs:

Let me start with a new (unfortunately I assume only temporary) blog from Islay's neighbour Jura: It is called Tony De Saulles illustrator. Tony and his dog Toby will spend a month on Jura, where Tony will be illustrating and taking walks with Toby. He has already experienced power cuts, had great beach walks and spotted Otters.

Back to Islay. Tom of the ardblog has some Letzte Blicke in die Port-Ellen-Destillerie (Last views into Port Ellen distillery). Inverarity has A Laphroaig kinda afternoon…. while Scotch Cinema has a Laphroaig Sighting in “Water For Elephants”. There's even more Laphroaig on _Eläväpullo, although I have no idea what Uisge 2012 - Laphroaigia Punavuoren ahvenessa means. Eye for Spirits from Germany claims Bruichladdich Whisky raucht nicht mehr (as their smoky/peaty whiskies are now all under the Port Charlotte and Octomore lines) and the Whisky Boys had an Ardbeg Tasting – A Brief Encounter with an Alligator.

In other news, there seems to have been a Touch of Snow on Islay today. Becky has been out for a walk, which she describes in Dun Bhar-a-Chlaom, Islay on the Geograph Blog while Justin Tyers tells us What your florist won’t tell you about Pampas Grass…. Ron picks up a BBC report in Doctors Wanted to Take On an Island Parish. Joanna brings us poetry snapshots revisited: mavis gulliver.

I believe it's half term at the moment, but there's still some activity on the Islay primary school blogs as The Big Room at Keills has a Frozen Planet visit update. The Our Learning Blog takes a well deserved break though.

The birdwatching and wildlife on Islay: Rachael went on A Hoolie in the Highlands as well as passing her European Seabirds at Sea training course. Congratulations! The Islay Birds blog brings us a long list of sightings as well as sightings of white winged gulls by visiting birders from Fife. Also a variety of sightings and reports today. The Islay Natural History Trust blog informs us there's Bugs aboot and provides a heads up for the Next Presentation at Centre - a new Gordon Yates DVD - “Raptors”.

And of course I'm going to finish with the pictures again. Ryan claims We're All Mad Here! and I suspect most grown ups will be slightly baffled by many of the pictures, but on occasion he also smuggles in an Islay picture like this shell on the beach or these trees from a walk in the woods. On Mark Unsworth's photography gallery we find Kilnaughton Bay and a great view of the Isle of Texa while on his blog he writes about Going Large (no food involved). James Deane has also been busy and writes about Getting it Up… Uploaded that is while more of his pictures are on Ron's blog under Islay and the Night Sky. The INHT blog has a nice moody picture of Gartloist Farm and some cool shots of Moving sand. From my own Islay Pictures photoblog I think I'll go for Proaig Bay and Bothy, The Paps of Jura from Corran River, Isle of Jura and Keills from the Old Chapel, Isle of Islay.

That's it for this week I think, I hope I haven't missed anything important. As usual the link to the Scottish Roundup for the bigger picture, this week with Roses are red, Rangers are blue (and a kind mention of my 200th roundup, thank you!). Good night!

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