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Didòmhnaich, 18/Mar/2012

Islay Blogging Roundup #205

Islay Blogging Roundup in stencil

That's a comparably productive weekend (certainly compared to last weekend) slowly coming to an end. In addition to getting some admin sorted and upgrading my video editing software (which brought some helpful new features) I finally got my act together and completed another Islay video. I'm planning to write more about it tomorrow, for those who cannot wait, here it is: Landboarding in Machir Bay, Isle of Islay. But now back to this evening's regular task, pulling together what the blogs have been saying about Islay this week:

Let me start with a rather unusual blogger, a Polar Bear. Mojje has just become a Friend of Laphroaig and therefore now owns a Square foot of Islay. Sticking with the Islay whisky theme we have Pork n Whisk(e)y tasting the Ardbeg 10 year old and Jeff writing about his Islay Tasting Feb 2012. The scotchodysseyblog has not one but two Islay related entries this week, King Kilchoman? and Bruichladdich at the Quaich Society. Scotch Cinema spotted an 18 Year Old Bruichladdich in Roman Polanski's “Carnage”. And the Whisky Exchange has An evening of Lagavulin with Messrs Dunn, Lafond and Hain.

The Hazel Tree writes about Kildalton Cross: guardian of another time. Justin returns from a trip south and writes about being a Numpty in London. Ron covers some Islay Events and Festival Dates 2012. Port Ellen Primary School's Our Learning Blog has updates about Science in p4/5 and p6/7 during science and engineering week where among other things they learned about Newtons 3rd law.

A new Islay blog to point out is the Islay and Jura Timebank blog, you can learn about Connecting Our Community and read the Islay and Jura Timebank March update.

A large number of entries cover a recent Islay visit by The W Club: To start with we learn Islay Whisky Trip Gets Thumbs Up! The individual days are written up in Islay Day One, Whisky Trippin’: Islay Day Two – Part One, Whisky Trippin’: Islay Day Two – Part Two, Whisky Trippin’ – Islay Day Three Part One, Whisky Trippin’ – Islay Day Three, Part Two and finally Whisky trippin’ – Islay Day Three, Part Three.

On to the birdwatching and wildlife, not to forget geology: The Islay Birds blog reports the first Wheatear sighting of 2012 and has the numbers from a count on Loch Gruinart. Earlier in the week Bob was out and about hoping to find a reported White Billed Diver. The Islay Natural History Trust blog announces the Dates of INHT “Welcome to Islay” evenings and brings us the first Geology Field Trip Report. There is also the first (for the year) Adder by Niall Colthart and signs of the Spring migration. Also Beki says It’s good bye from me to Leighton Moss, I think you can guess her destination…

To finish as usual the pictures: James Deane has been out and about for A late picnic at Saligo, some other of his pictures are also on the INHT blog in The conjunction of Venus and Jupiter - James Deane. Mark Unsworth has also been out, enjoying the sunshine as well as answering the question When to go mono? On his photography gallery we find Trees at Loch Gruinart and Daffodil 2. From my own Islay Pictures photoblog I think I'll go for the Ardbeg Distillery Panorama with Casks and the Loch Laphroaig and Laphroaig Distillery Panorama as well as October Afternoon in Saligo Bay, Isle of Islay.

That's it for this week, as usual the reference to the Scottish Roundup, this week with Does your mum still make those fine chips? Good night!

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