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Dimàirt, 20/Mar/2012

Ramsay Hall Roof Repairs Update

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Feeling a bit under the weather this evening for some reason, so this will have to be a relatively quick post. Many of you will remember the violent storm from early January causing a lot of damage around Islay including Port Ellen. In particular Ramsay Hall was hit badly with large parts of the roof damaged. Good news on that front with repairs progressing well:

Picture of a roof under repair

The first picture shows the north west facing side of the building, the hole went down to somewhere between the first and second planks and sideways covered pretty much all you can see here. The second picture shows the south east facing side:

Picture of a building with roof repairs under way

A similar picture here, the whole covering roughly where the scaffolding is. As you can see only small areas left to finish on both side, so hopefully it should be completed soon. And with that all I've got left to say is good night, I'm off to bed.

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