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Didòmhnaich, 01/Apr/2012

Apple Store on Islay House Square

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Interesting news reach me from Islay and Cupertino this morning, well, at least interesting for those stylish iPad and MacBook users: In a first move to gain further influence and broaden their reach Apple is to open the first Apple Store outside of larger cities in Europe on Islay, sources close to the plans say:

Picture of a former estate square converted to a shopping and small business park

While multiple locations including the former Port Ellen distillery warehouses and a new purposes built store next to the Gaelic college are still in the running the current frontrunner appears to be Islay House Square. Its central location and the neighbourhood with other creative businesses seem to give it the edge according to insiders close to the deal. The shop is expected to be a further boost to Islay's tourism industry, further expanding the many offerings Islay has for visitors.

Picture of the sign at Islay House Square

First reactions seem very positive, Brian, a long term Apple user, is delighted: ‘This will help to eradicate the evil of Windows on Islay, great news!”. James is slightly worried about his credit card, but still positive: ‘An Apple store on my door step? That will be hard to resist, but I'm glad it's coming here!’ Mark is pleased to see another innovative business on Islay: ‘This is the type of business Islay needs, progressive, innovative, fresh!’ Sinead, a student at Islay High School thinks her friends on the mainland will be impressed: ‘Finally we've got a really cool store on Islay and don't have to go to Glasgow for it.’

The eager shoppers will still have to exercise some patience though, the new Apple Store on Islay is expected to open on the 1st of April 2013.

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